Hey Cyprian here, if you've been on online around various internet marketing websites and marketplaces for a bit then you know this offer has been active in various forms steadily since 2009. In my offline/online marketing career I've had well over 400 invoices paid (both digital and paper) and have received well over 500 individual payments via cash/check/Paypal and more.

I've been marketing for myself and selling my talents/skills/products/services to others since I was a little kid, establishing and implementing business plans and ways to make money. Whether it was selling candy when school concession stands shut down, buying/selling cars, or getting paid for my artistic endeavors. I've gotten quite a bit of experience and have no problem sharing and teaching what I've learned over the years.

If you want to know some of the quickest and fastest methods to start earning steadily and monthly online then you are in the right place. I was earning before I started internet marketing and since have earned steady and consistent income online every month that I put in some effort.

Do you think you can put in some effort into learning and implementing my system/advice? If the answer is Yes then you will earn and you should buy now! No fuss, its as simple as that!

Over the years I've gained experience in offline marketing, nationwide classifieds marketing, forum marketing, SEO, Video SEO, and more!

I can't speak for other coaches/systems online I can just tell you what my methods have brought me, you can see the proof on this site, and trust me when I tell you, that any single person has the potential to work as hard, harder, smarter, and more efficiently than me. Especially depending on the type of resources you have at your disposal!

When I tell you that you can purchase any of the packages you see in this thread, put in anywhere between 10-20 hours of work and make your first $300 or more its a 100% FACT!

I say that because there have been plenty of occasions where I've done the same. You meet a certain number goal, or do a specific task I tell you steadily and it won't be long until you start seeing results!

You could definitely benefit from purchasing my coaching and actually keeping up with it!

Take a second to scroll down and view my work over the years and recent weeks/months.

You will see real earnings and real samples of various methods of traffic that have proven to work year after year, niche after niche!

I don't want to hear about your experiences with other coaches, or internet marketing services...I can't speak for them, I don't know what they offer, how they offer it, what your experience was with them, or any of that. I can't tell you what to do about that, I can only tell you that with me you will get a coach that will always be available via email at least and always willing to promptly follow up with you and respond to your inquiries. If you keep up with me I'll keep up with you.

I only sell/teach what I know works, simple. I give you feedback on my experiences in my internet marketing career and access to the same partners that have provided reliable work for me and my clients.

My hard work and dedication has offered me some great opportunities in my business career. One of my biggest clients to date includes Bronner Brothers, one of the largest African American owned companies in the world! They have an estimated annual revenue exceeding $38 million, and they chose to trust us with over $8000 of their budget this past year when it came down to marketing their nationwide theater release of the independent picture, Laughing to the Bank!

How did we (because it wasn't me alone) get that client? A referral from a local hair salon client who we've been doing graphic design and video worksteadily for since 2010. Never underestimate the power of the internet.

Like I said earlier, we have a lot of repeat clients and get steady referrals for a reason. We just sent our 422nd invoice a few days ago, and we've granted less than 5 refunds in our marketing career. Those are some pretty good numbers and we are pretty proud of that fact.

Some of our clients have been with us for years and we grow steadily from referrals each year so we must be doing something right. If you want repeat clients of your own then this coaching package is for you!


Yes everybody starts somewhere and it isn't the same for each person, but if you put in a moderately decent amount of effort you can earn $2000-$4000 in new clients/sales within the next 5-6 weeks.

The Ebook and Video Tutorials Don't Get Updated That Often So Make Sure You Go With The Coaching And Follow Up Steadily To Learn New Things As I'm Always Learning and Testing Myself!

You can't measure the value that you can get from this service and the information/tools provided to those that purchase.

Over the years these methods have brought me more than a handful of repeat clients with businesses of all varying sizes. These clients often bring referrals and new clients come in all the time from me expanding my marketing campaigns to new avenues/locations that I've never reached before. The only limit is one you set on yourself!

So are you ready to earn and learn? Then lets get started! Scroll down, purchase the package that best suits you and I'll be in contact shortly!

This offer is always going to be around, I'm not going anywhere, I'm not going to abandon it. It works, why would I?

Get started today and I'll throw in an additional 10% discount on whatever discount is already running on this offer, but you have to message me for a custom invoice!


but if you at least reach out to us with the intent of moving forward soon and we will personally extend the discount for you for a little longer.

I know I didn't get here alone, none of us do, when you sign up for my coaching you are getting someone that you know won't leave you hanging and has no problem helping you learn and earn online and will give you access to all the same tools and knowledge he has, often for no additional charge. All I ask is that you put in some decent effort.

There is no refund policy on this offer, and there hasn't been since 2009 when I was donating proceeds to charities and people who were not putting in any effort whatsoever where asking for refunds and telling me methods that were bringing me steady leads and sales were not working, or not for them. After eating the donation costs and refunding the first few I stopped.

Its clear what this page offers, and the only guarantee is that you will earn, and it will come pretty easy as long as u complete the tasks.

Make sure you get in touch personally after reading this offer, I'm always available by phone, skype, and email!

Have a great day!


We appreciate you taking the time and effort to read this message, Remember, get in touch with us and your business/yearly income will likely be better off for it!


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